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What happened in December?

On a cold Tuesday-morning the snowflakes fluttered down and transformed our city into a Christmas card. Enjoying this spectacle the bravest of us dared the bicycle ride to the Tricycle-Europe office. This morning many marveled at the large, lighted and…

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Tricycle on the road

After having been a social selling coach at Tricycle Europe for about two years, Amaury decided to change things around and find hard core social sellers in our world; small scale organic farmers. Amaury and his girlfriend Jasmijn will visit…

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LinkedIn Recruiter

A supertool Recruitment agency ‘Ivoren Wachters’ asked themselves the following question: how do you look for- and quickly (and easily) find fresh new talent? Certified Social Selling professional Job Thomassen was invited to tell the recruitment agency the Young Professional…

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