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Digital Selling Coaching & Training

Our strength is built on People, Process and Platforms that expands across many corporate Infrastructures. Tricycle’s international team of Coaches and Trainers take a hands-on approach to educate and promote employee transformation.

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Unlocking your teams’ potential

Expert Sessions

Educate, spark curiosity and inspire.

Sales Enablement

Engage the modern buyer.

Executive Coaching

Gain executive buy-in and thought leadership.

Marketing Solutions

Transforming your team into a modern marketing engine.

HR Solutions

Modernizing and Aligning the HR Workforce.

Key Offerings

Transforming your team into a modern marketing engine

Our experts educate, spark curiosity, and inspire

Keynote Speech

Set the tone of your event and inspire your audience with the latest trends in digital and social.


2 hour, theoretical-based course providing the fundamentals of digital selling in a classroom (virtual/on-site) setting.

Social Selling Day

An interactive (full or 1/2 day) digital selling introduction workshop for a selected group of employees ranging from salespeople to executives.

Marketing & HR Solutions

Marketing Engagement Program

Empowering your team to leverage social channels and modern techniques in the overall marketing, communications and PR strategy.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Program designed for salespeople and marketeers to participate together for cohesive incorporation of modern selling tactics.

HR in the Social Space

Empower HR workforce to leverage the social space fully for all talent and employer branding activities.

Executive Coaching Program Impressions

“This was an eye-opening, valuable and self-finding experience. I have much more of an appreciation now about how Social is relevant in business. The coach triggered my thought process about what I am actually doing, what I want to be known for and then conveying that into my digital image.”

CitrixGroup Director

“I started using LinkedIn in a more proactive way, as a mean of business and leadership, rather than just looking where people are and what they’ve done. What really helped me as well, was the push you gave me with my profile. I was able to better articulate what I wanted to be famous for. Highly valued coaching program!”

AccentureManaging Director

“It was a very positive and valuable experience for me, as I improved my profile and learned about all the different features of LinkedIn. It was a very structured and clear program - It turned out even more positive than I expected!”

SignifyGlobal Chief Digital Officer

Project Governance

Most organizations are overwhelmed with the difficulties that arise when trying to move their sales practices online. With our project governance services, we collaboratively build a KPI-based system and manage the operational activities which enable change.

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Building your structure with integrity

Set Scope & Direction

Eliciting the vision, purpose and direction of the project.

Accountability & Responsibility

Deciding which resources to use, and allocating who is accountable.


Developing efficient project communication structure for all contact points.

Control Process

Purview of all tasks & metrics associated with the project and programs.

Meeting & Reporting

Establishing framework and balance of meetings and reporting.

Risk & Assurance

Monitoring and acting upon any deviations in project scope, execution, and schedule.

Tools for Setting the Scope

Identifying your Starting Point & take the first step

Focused on the Organization

Digital Business Consultancy

Creating a strategic roadmap to connect your business ambitions to implementation by incorporating the latest social approaches.

Digital Maturity Audit

Assessing your maturity in the social space through insight-driven measurements for accelerating your digital success.

Focused on the Individual

LinkedIn Profile Review

Through an in-depth review document, our Professional Branding Specialists deliver personal suggestions for how to elevate your brand.

Tricycle Branding Score

Measuring an employee’s (pre-and-post program) LinkedIn performance using four qualitative and quantitative benchmark pillars.

Translating Data to Insights

Pre-assessment report

0-measurement which reflects program starting point prior to kickoff.

Weekly Report

An insight-driven, reoccurring, program progression report.

Mid-Report Snapshot

1-2 page visual snapshot of program progression data and insights.

Monthly Business Report

Showcasing the business-impact and insights for development of program on a monthly (and/or quarterly) basis.

Final Report

Analysis and insight report reflecting the full program impact related to set KPI’s.

Business Reference Case

Representation of the program’s business impact and contribution towards strategic goals.

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