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Coaching & Training

With our international team of modern selling experts, we provide your employees with the necessary knowledge to transform their marketing and sales practices. With over 15 nationalities, operating in more than 38 countries, culture and language form no barrier. Our solutions are scalable, tailor-made and can be deployed globally.

Modern Selling Program

Our Modern Selling Program is a full-service coaching program that will help you jumpstart your Modern Selling journey. In order to fully adopt a Modern Selling strategy, behavioral change is necessary. Our ongoing coaching program is designed to incorporate Modern Selling techniques into your daily routine. We do this through intensive coaching sessions, elaborate reporting and full service support.

Modern Selling in One Day

A one-day on-site instruction to Modern Selling. During this Modern Selling day, participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of Modern Selling. Together, we will take the first steps towards the adoption of Modern Selling techniques and we will uncover the value that Modern Selling can add to your business.

Modern Recruitment Training

Job seekers use different methods than before and their online journey has changed. With this course, you will learn how to adapt your recruitment strategy to fit these changes and maximize the results of your recruitment seat with the help of our social recruitment specialists.

Keynote Speaker

Are you organizing an event or workshop? Are you looking for someone who can inspire and educate your employees or colleagues? Our modern selling specialists will provide you and your company with interesting insights into current digital trends that can help you form new strategies and get ahead in the game.

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