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Selling in a digital world

Driving Sales Engagement Online

Most organizations are overwhelmed with the difficulties that arise when trying to move their sales practices online. From connecting to your colleagues to conducting a sales pitch online – times have changed rapidly. The Driving Sales Engagement Online program covers all the basics that are necessary to quickly adapt to an online way of conducting business.

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Program Objectives

Online Sales

Learning how to best conduct online sales meetings and pitches

Customer Centric

Understanding the need to create a customer centric footprint

Video Calls

Knowing how to create engagement in online video calls


Knowing how to leverage digital and social platforms

Program available in

All sessions available for role specific teams or 1:1 coaching and all programs are customizable to your organization’s or team’s specific needs.

Program Overview

Session 1: Driving sales meetings online

Conducting virtual sales pitches & unlocking business opportunities

Session 2: Customer Centric Online Branding

Personal & Professional Branding with LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Session 3: Digital Connectivity

Expand your digital outreach through Lead Generation & Network Optimization

Session 4: Digital Engagement

Listening & Sharing tactics; Content Creation Strategy

Topics Covered

Identifying Key Insights

  • How to identify the right decision makers and get in touch with them
  • Mastering the art of social listening
  • Personalizing your approach

The art of follow-up

  • following-up strategically to close opportunities
  • clarify your call to actions
  • using the right information at the right time

Conducting virtual sales meetings

  • boost your presentation skills
  • boost your engagement skills
  • present, inform and delight your prospects
  • Strategized to close

Build your digital presence

  • how to build your branding foundation in the online social space
  • how to boost visibility, connectivity and engagement with potential customers

What you will learn

  • You will be better equipped to present and deliver their sales pitch during virtual meetings using Teams
  • You will be comfortable with different tool features & functions relevant to their meeting requirements
  • You will be proficient in gaining insights through social platforms to optimize meeting preparation & follow-up
  • You will be empowered to build an online presence with the aim to attract and engage new and existing leads.

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