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Tricycle Europe

Learning Process

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Week 1

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In this first week, you will dive into the power of Digital Selling and understand why it is one of the fastest growing trends in the B2B landscape and how it is currently impacting the sales process. You will also learn how to use your own brand and expertise on LinkedIn to boost your personal growth by applying the latest modern techniques and tactics on social platforms.

Week 2

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The 2nd week has been created to dedicate attention to your network, your online audience. We will be covering the topic of Digital Connectivity to show you how to assess your own network, how to optimize it and how to expand your outreach and find new leads, new accounts & ultimately new business opportunities!

Week 3

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TIn week 3, you will understand how to commercialize your Digital Selling skills by building an effective routine. You will learn how to become a visible expert with hands-on examples of tactics that boost your influence and visibility and how to use your brand in the offline space too.


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Connection size on LinkedIn


SSI score


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