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Tricycle Europe

Social Selling Gurus

If you’re looking to implement Social Selling practices tailored to your companies specific needs, you’ve found the right partner. Through thorough analysis we determine where your organization stands and where it needs to go in order to grow. These analytical services form the very foundation of our solutions, as they mark the start of a collaboration, continue to monitor activities based on KPI’s and form the basis for the evaluation of ROI.

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Modern Selling Program

Full-service coaching program that will help you jumpstart your Modern Selling journey.

LinkedIn Advertising Service

Our advertising team will help you find the right audience and create powerful content so you can get your message across.


Discuss your needs with our in-house Modern Selling consultants.

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Learn how organizations like yours are staying ahead with social selling

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About Tricycle

Who We Are

Tricycle Europe is a leading provider of end-to-end marketing and sales support to companies all over the globe. Through our made-to-measure modern selling programs, we help marketing and sales-teams achieve optimal efficiency. We have established ourselves as digital coaching experts, assisting enterprises like Microsoft & Philips Lighting to transform their marketing and sales organisation. We train and coach B2B professionals to leverage Modern Selling tools like Linkedin Sales Navigator, Sociabble, PointDrive and Elevate. We do this personally, measurably and with proven results.

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More revenue

Social Sellers closed 1.5x more revenue and had 1.2x larger deal sizes.

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More BDM Connections

Microsoft Social Sellers have generated 1.7x more BDM connections a month.

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Higher SSI

Social Sellers have an 48% higher Social Selling Index (SSI).

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More Sales Opportunities

2.44x more opportunities for sellers with an SSI of over 60 compared to sellers with a low SSI.

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We support countless organizations with the digital transformation of their marketing and sales teams.

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Talk to a consultant today

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