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Tricycle Talks – Joseph Taiano and Eric Haar

In this edition of our Tricycle Talks, we have invited Joseph Taiano – Managing Director of Marketing for Consumer Industries at Accenture.

He has shared with Eric Haar – Senior Business Coach at Tricycle Europe, the importance of jumping into Thought Leadership on LinkedIn and how to get executive professionals on board. Watch the full video interview below!

LinkedIn is as much a social networking platform as it is a sales enablement tool. A sales enablement strategy is centered on building genuine trust and relationships between two parties. Actively listening to the industry and leads and then connecting those thoughts to the product and marketing message is the recipe for sales enablement. While we don’t email and message our leads every day, they log in to their LinkedIn accounts and check their feed. If you regularly post interesting, appealing content, you’ve made yourself memorable without being overbearing.

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