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B2B Social Media usage and Future Outlook Report July 2023

Comprehensive Insights from Executives

About the Report

In our latest study, we reached out to more than 500 executives across diverse industries to understand their perspective on the role of social media in B2B sales strategy. This report provides a deep analysis of their responses, revealing key insights, anticipated trends, and perceived challenges.

Key Findings

  1. Social Media in Future Sales Strategy: 64.7% of respondents predict that social media’s role will become ‘more critical’. Despite this trend, there’s a significant knowledge gap, with the most substantial challenge being the ‘Insufficient understanding of the value of social media insights’.
  2. Investment in Mastery: Looking forward, 81.6% of respondents are planning more investment in training and tools to master social media usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the added value in partnering with Tricycle (versus doing it yourself)?

We know it’s hard to increase the branded visibility of your teams and to convince your account teams this should be part of their routine.

When working with us, you accelerate your social selling and employee advocacy efforts because you leverage our 15 years of experience, coaching over 50,000 professionals.

For years, we have been coaching account teams and leadership at companies like Microsoft and Accenture, in various time zones and all the major languages.

What is the time investment on our side?

That of course depends on your needs, but your team(s) can start with 5 sessions (virtual or live) of one hour each. Let’s discuss what’s best suited in your situation.

How fast can I expect to see results?

We always say that building business relationships on social, just like in real life, takes time and effort. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

However, the results we see are way more impactful and sustainable than, let’s say, social advertising.

Our program typically lasts three months, during which we typically already see huge uplifts in visibility, engagement, adoption and social metrics like SSI.

In what languages does Tricycle support?

We support big corporations around the world, covering multiple time zones. We have coaches who speak English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently.

Even Dutch and Slovenian are on the menu.

Can I start with one solution or is it a packaged deal?

Yes, you can start however you like, depending on your needs and the experience of your teams and leadership.

Together, we shape the program best suited to accelerate and amplify your social selling game. Feel free to schedule a free Discovery Call whenever it suits you.

Does Tricycle support with paid advertising on LinkedIn too?

Yes. Since we work day in day out on LinkedIn we know what works on the platform, who to target and when. We always see it as an extra visibility boost, but the main boost should come organically.

Start growing your teams’ visibility and reputation using social.

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