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Social Selling

Amplify your account teams' social selling game

We coach and support your customer-facing teams to drive business forward by building their network and personal brand.

Apply our knowledge from decades of experience, working with thousands of professionals

Accelerate your existing efforts to finally see results

Available in multiple time zones and in all major languages

Today, social selling has become all about the quick sale. But we know the real magic comes from building relationships. We give you the skills and tools you need to prioritize connections over transactions and watch your success soar in the long run.

With our coaching program your teams will be enabled to…

Build meaningful relationships

Stop focusing on transactions. Instead, identify, attract and nurture relationships and provide consistent value for them. The value you get in return can’t be put into numbers (entirely).

Stop wasting time reaching out to cold leads

Stop the cold calling, the ‘proven templates’ and automating your messages and engagements. You don’t like to receive it, so why would your network? They will thank you for it in ways you can’t imagine.

Boost pipeline and revenue

Platforms like LinkedIn evolved. Your profile isn’t about you, it’s about your buyer and how you can help them out. Learn how and you’ll truly unlock your next level on social.

Social Selling Karen

Meet and even exceed your buyers’ expectations by adopting the required mindset, skillset and toolset

Learn how to nurture your key accounts more efficiently and put yourself ahead of the competition

Make it easier for B2B buyers to buy: Learn to be the go-to guide during their buying journey

“Getting coached on how to use social in my daily life on a professional level was truly transforming. Before, it was time-consuming. Now, it's driving connections and business.”

AccentureSenior Managing Director

“Completely changed my mind on how effective being present on social media is for business. Investment, both in time and money, well worth it.”

MicrosoftAccount Manager Enterprise

“It's hard to stand out on social nowadays. But with the help and coaching of Tricycle, I now know a way to find and connect with the right people, the right way. Game changer!”

AvanadeVP Marketing EMEA

How it works

We teach you how to supercharge your current social selling strategy and boost your conversion rates.

Become magnetic

Attract the people who matter most by optimizing your social profile and presence.

Develop your online universe

Connect and engage with key people, topics and trends in your niche or industry.

Relationships over transactions

Nurture relationships that last until your opportunity status says ‘closed won’ and way beyond.

With Social Selling you are well on your way of becoming successful on social. Want to take it even further with our Thought Leadership coaching and content support?

Start growing your teams’ visibility and reputation using social.

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