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Success Story

Accenture Leadership in the Social Space

From passive consumer to influencer.

“This program and the coach’s support helped me go from a passive consumer of LinkedIn content to an internal influencer, supporting my team to achieve more.”

“I now have the skills and knowledge to keep up with the plan. Great program.

Björn Bernhardt – Managing Director – Accenture ASG

About Accenture

Accenture helps businesses stay ahead in the digital economy.

Bringing ‘The New’ to leading companies from four business units: Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology, and Operations. With more than 6-thousand clients in 120 countries and 200 offices in 51 countries Accenture is scaled for global reach. Accenture reported revenues of $43.2 billion, with more than 505-thousand employees worldwide.

Building influence to influence others

For Accenture, boosting leaders’ voices is vital— enhancing visibility and credibility through B2B social platforms is a powerful way to achieve business goals and foster stronger client relationships.

Project Outcome


Björn understood LinkedIn’s power but needed help to boost his online presence and connectivity.

A few of the overall concerns were the time investment and whether he would be able to keep up after the program finished. 


During the program, Björn increased his posts’ visibility by more than 400%, having one of the posts reach over 4000%.

Now, months after the program’s completion, he has the knowledge and the confidence to continue his journey and is keeping up with the results. 

He is also supporting his team to extend their voice and reach by leading by example and supporting them through media campaigns around their topics of expertise.

Increased post views
Profile visits
Increase in Social Selling Index
Tricycle Branding Score

Start growing your teams’ visibility and reputation using social.

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