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Success Story


Citrix has divided their operations into Asia Pacific, EMEA and Americas. From Top Management to individual sellers, we believe that the whole organization should be involved in the digital transformation process. Our focus was on the EMEA region where Sales Enablement selected the first Proof of Concept group, consisting of Inside Sales, Renewals and Account Executives.

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About Citrix

People-centric solutions that power a better way to work

Citrix is a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive in one unified experience while arming IT with the visibility, simplicity, and security needed to enable and control it all. With more than 100-million users across 400-thousand organizations, Citrix aims to power a world where people, organizations and things are securely connected and accessible. With 2019 sales of EUR 6.2 billion, they have approximately 10-thousand employees and have a global presence.

The Challenge

There was a big need to equip Executives and Sellers with the right tools and techniques to engage with buyers in each of the buying stages and to help align value propositions to the customer’s digital maturity roadmap. Specifically Modern Selling was needed to close the gap between the company’s digital presence on LinkedIn and the visibility of its Executives and Sellers who weren’t leveraging the platform to influence and educate their prospects and clients.

Measuring Results

By translating metrics to execution impact, our reporting services measure behavioral change, tool adoption and assess social performance. Participants are creating, accelerating, and closing more deals. There is a focus on being better connected, with tailored engagement resulting in accelerated growth and new opportunities with previously unknown leads.

Project Outcome


Transformation can only be achieved when participants go from ‘acting’ social to ‘going’ social. Overall, Citrix Executives and Sellers are more visible, better connected and are strategically using social media, amplifying the Citrix brand. Lastly, more lead opportunities are being socially influenced resulting in more sales qualified leads.

What’s Next?

Tricycle Europe continues supporting Citrix Digital Transformation with a clear roadmap to Modern Selling Success. We are adding more programs in 2021 and expanding into the Americas region, with the objective is to continue adding the social layer to the broader Citrix community, increasing contactability, connectivity & content consumption within key accounts and accelerating pipeline development.

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