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Success Story

TIP Group

Unlocking the power of employee engagement for B2B

“Tricycle’s Social Selling coaching has had a great impact for our business and people.​
The combination of training our employees and giving them the freedom to be active on LinkedIn has proven to be a success.”

Global Marketing & ​Communication Director | TIP Group

About TIP Group

TIP Group is one of Europe and Canada’s leading equipment services providers

TIP Group is a global equipment service provider for the transportation industry seeking to enhance its social media presence and build and nurture strategic relationships using LinkedIn. ​
The company wanted to enable its employees’ social media mindset and empower them with knowledge and tools. TIP Group reached out to us to support them with their employees’ LinkedIn strategy by giving them expert advice and additional resources.

Empowering the team

We delivered a Social Selling coaching program for 24 employees to enable them to leverage their digital footprint and build lasting relationships with their audience. After a successful first cycle, we continued our collaboration with a new group of 27 employees.​
The program has empowered its employees with the knowledge to shift their mindset around social media and the right tools to be effective brand ambassadors.

Project Outcome


They now have a stronger presence on social media, enabling them to engage with their target audience and drive more conversions. Additionally, they have a better understanding of the importance of LinkedIn in their selling strategy and have seen increased engagement and followers as a result.


Overall, Tricycle’s Social Selling coaching program was a success, transforming their approach to social media and selling on LinkedIn and delivering tangible results.

Increase of Tooling knowledge
Increase of LinkedIn Connections
Increase in Social Selling Index
NPS number for this program

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