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Success Story

Visma Raet

Located in the Netherlands, Visma | Raet is on its way to becoming the largest Cloud Enterprise Software Provider in Europe. Visma Raet is aware that having an agile response to innovation is a prerequisite for success, and has, therefore, partnered up with Tricycle-Europe to stay ahead of the digitalization curve to quickly adapt to current changes and challenges in the digital space and beyond. In 2020 Tricycle-Europe introduced three of their sales teams to the Tricycle Methodology.

Visma Raet Business Case Tricycle
About Visma Raet

Your HR & payroll partner

Visma Raet offers software and services that simplify and digitize core business processes in the private and public sector. The company operates across the entire Nordic region, along with Benelux, Central, and Eastern Europe. The Visma group consists of over 2-hundred companies, across more than 20 countries worldwide. By taking advantage of opportunities in a fast-moving market characterized by rapid development in technology, Visma turned into an international cloud software delivery leader. With over 11-thousand employees, of which 950 are based in The Netherlands, 1-million customer contracts, and a net revenue of over € 1,5-million in 2019, they are one of Europe’s leading software companies.

Digital Transformation

Visma | Raet had a strong presence on the traditional channels but didn’t have an active presence on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, highly pertaining to meet their business goals as the biggest B2B Social platform. Their objective was to focus on “adoption on every layer,” meaning social media adoption for the whole organization, Executives, Sales and Marketing teams.

Measuring Results

Evaluating on Tricyle’s four pillars of adoption, The Visma Group has shown significant improvement in all areas. Measurable success in behavioral changes resulted in increased social media presence, stronger internal and external connectivity and higher social engagement. With high NPS scores, participants are strongly satisfied with the knowledge acquired and applied during their social selling journey with Tricycle.

Project Outcome


Our 3-layered approach of sponsorship, involvement and readiness allowed us to design and implement a program that actively involved different layers of the organization in the adoption of Social Selling. With active sponsorship for change at a senior executive level and the right information, training and support at a company level, this program has turned employees into Visma | Raet advocates and ambassadors.

What’s Next?

We are continually working to strengthen the implementation of social selling techniques within Visma | Raet. In 2021, we continue being trusted partners and are expanding our coaching solutions with the goal to transform more Executives, Marketing and Sales teams into company advocates.

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