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Unlock the Power of Modern B2B Engagement

Leverage AI-powered insights to enhance your social selling and foster meaningful relationships.

Navigating Today’s B2B Sales Challenges

The modern buyer navigates their journey through digital channels, largely sidestepping traditional sales representatives.

As the speed of change and innovation accelerates, we find ourselves in a new age where traditional methods of engagement are increasingly ineffective.

Despite these changes in buying behavior, the fundamentals of human nature remain. Sellers can still influence the buying journey, but it requires quality conversations at the right time, with the right people, about the right topics – their topics.

Dive In Now

A Game-Changer in B2B Engagement

  1. AI-powered Tooling:
    Identifying prime engagement touchpoints for your business. This approach ensures efficiency, precision, and scalability. By automating the discovery process, we not only save you invaluable time but also ensure that you’re consistently reaching out to the most relevant parties.
  2. Expert Guidance:
    Our team of engagement consultants is on the frontline, crafting customized comments, captions, and engaging text. These are designed to initiate value-driven conversations.
  3. Consistent and Targeted Engagement Opportunities:
    We ensure the engagement opportunities are regular and targeted. Each week, we provide a curated list of top-tier engagement opportunities chosen for their relevance and their potential to start meaningful conversations.
  4. Tailored Outreach:
    Your outreach messages are crafted to resonate, connect, and engage on a personal level. No more generic pitches; every message is a tailored strategy, designed to hit the mark, every single time.

The Benefits of Streamlined B2B Engagement

Pipeline expansion
Build Authority & Trust
Increased Connectivity
Enhanced Visibility
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Our Proven Process for Your Success


Receive comprehensive onboarding support, including a product walkthrough, team training  and access to helpful resources

Get up to speed quickly and make the most of your Engagement Opportunities from day one.


Our team identifies relevant LinkedIn engagement opportunities and carefully selects the top ones for each User each week. For each opportunity, we craft a customized comments designed to initiate meaningful conversations and showcase your expertise.


Our Engagement Consultant is at the front line of service execution. They are creating custom comments, custom captions and engaging text designed to initiate valuable conversations and highlight your industry expertise.

The Customer Success Manager acts as a vital conduit between your business objectives and our strategic solutions. They  ensure that our services align perfectly with your ambitions. Their role guarantees your satisfaction and enhances the value you gain from our services.


During the brief 10-minute meetings, we’ll address any immediate questions or concerns the team may have, share insights from the week’s activities, and ensure your engagement strategy stays on track.

In our monthly stakeholder meetings, we take a deeper dive into the efforts. We review the results of the past month, address any strategic changes or issues, and set the course for the upcoming month.

Our quarterly strategy meetings are designed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We’ll review the achievements and learnings from the past quarter, discuss strategic improvements, and set ambitious yet achievable objectives for the next quarter.


Add a sweet touch to your team’s motivation! Our gamification strategy rewards the team member who has gained the most industry-related connections with a delicious cake. This fun incentive encourages active engagement and networking within your industry using our service.

Celebrate networking milestones with our badge system. Collect digital handshakes and earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges. Boost engagement and foster a positive networking culture.


Seamlessly integrate our service with your internal systems via CSV upload. Enjoy streamlined data transfer, improved data quality, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Automate your workflows and increase productivity with our Zapier integration. Achieve real-time data syncing, automated updates, and improved business efficiency.

“The Tricycle team understands the challenges of Microsoft Sellers really well, so the approach based on their account challenges is a great approach and great benefit.”

Account Executive

“Working with the Tricycle team was a transformative experience. They not only pinpointed key prospects for us but also successfully identified several BDMs to grace our event. This invaluable assistance paved the way for meaningful dialogues, enabling us to introduce potential solutions. Their insights undoubtedly helped tailor our offerings to perfectly match our customers' needs.”

Account Executive

“Engagement Opportunities truly transformed our LinkedIn engagement strategy. The team's deep understanding our challenges and their commitment to delivering tailored value through their weekly opportunities have been instrumental in driving growth and fostering meaningful connections.”

Account Executive

Start growing your teams’ visibility and reputation using social.

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