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Leadership Branding Program

Voice your Vision. Everyone wins

Q1 Program Start:
Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

Start your Journey to Leadership Excellence

Elevate your executive presence and connect with a network of like-minded professionals. Our program is tailored to fit the busy schedules of today’s leaders, ensuring a valuable investment of your time.

Actionable Insights for Immediate Impact

Jumpstart your leadership journey with our structured program, consisting of four 45-minute sessions designed to provide actionable strategies for enhancing your digital and executive presence. Get ready to implement practical solutions from the very first session.

Analytical Approach for Measurable Growth

Our program begins and ends with a comprehensive Tricycle Branding Score assessment, allowing you to see measurable improvements in your executive branding. Dive into data-driven insights and learn how to use analytics to shape your personal brand strategy.

Aspirational Growth for Visionary Leaders

Join a community of ambitious professionals aiming for the top. Our program is more than just a learning experience; it’s an opportunity to be part of a network of aspirational leaders, sharing stories of growth and success. Envision your future as a thought leader in your field.

Understanding of Executive Branding

Delve into the deeper aspects of leadership and personal branding with our expert-led sessions. Understand the ‘why’ behind successful executive presence and learn how to apply these anthropological insights to your professional life.

Q1 Leadership Branding Program

Below, find a detailed overview of the program, including key milestones and a comprehensive timeline, tailored to guide you every step of the way.”

“I convinced myself some time ago that it takes too much time to be active on social. After working with Tricycle, I tripled my reach and engagement in a matter of weeks.”

CitrixHead of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

“This service was a complete game changer for me. I knew there was tremendous value in my network, but simply didn't know how to extract it. Now, my inbox is full of relevant invitations.”

VismaDirector of Finance and Operations

“Starting out was the hardest part and I was so glad Tricycle was there to guide and support in every step of the way. Highly recommend if you're stuck or just don't know where to start to get noticed.”

AccentureSr. Director Global Demand Readiness

How it works

Everyone can be a thought leader. But it takes time, and the right approach. It begins with stating for yourself what you want to stand for and start carrying that out.

Decide on your Value

Determine and double down on a select number of topics for which you want to be known for. Pushing your own agenda is not going to resonate on the long run.

Dare to add your Vision

This is what moves the needle on the long run. Avoid being generic. We help you translate your vision into a solid content strategy.

Find your Voice

Develop your authentic voice and find the perfect way to tell and package your powerful contribution. Most people get stuck on this step and find themselves at the background as a result.

Your teams and leadership can accelerate their thought leadership ambitions with the proper foundation. For that, we offer other programs, coaching and support.

Start growing your teams’ visibility and reputation using social.

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