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Digital Selling Coaching Programs

If you’re looking to implement Digital Selling practices in your company, you’ve found the right partner. Our Digital Selling Programs, specially designed for Microsoft Partners, will enable you to master the art of Digital Selling and learn how to win in the social space by diving into 3 Digital Themes, Professional Branding, Digital Connectivity and Social Engagement.

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Why should you join?

Influenced by the age of digital transformation, tech companies are in need to discover new ways to search, approach and engage with prospects. This learning path helps teams find these ways and by implementing Digital Selling strategies helps them nurture and develop significant relationships with clients.

Our experts educate, spark curiosity, and inspire

150% more revenue

Social Sellers closed 1.5x more revenue and had 1.2x larger deal sizes.

1.7x more BDM Connect

Microsoft Social Sellers have generated 1.7x more BDM connections a month.

48% higher SSI

Social Sellers have an 48% higher Social Selling Index (SSI).

2.4x more Sales Opportunities

2.4x more opportunities for sellers with an SSI of over 60 compared to sellers with a low SSI.

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What our clients say

““LinkedIn became an additional communication platform, and thanks to Tricycle Europe’s coaching sessions, I managed to build a sustainable Social Selling Strategy. Expert team!””

Unico DataMatthias Gafner

““My goal was to increase my brand’s visibility, and to easily engage in dialogues with my leads. The Social Selling Program has done just that!””

BrackMichael Althaus

““The program generated many interesting visits to my profile, all thanks to my adaptations based on the tips & tricks shared during the online training””

CancomFabian Wetzel

““Excellent in-depth and interactive tutorials. Very informative and hands=on. Overall, fun to share our own experiences and actively try out all the new skillsets. Big thumbs up!””

ProCloudAmina Tolj

Who We Are

Tricycle Europe is building the foundation for technology companies to win in the social space. We do so by influencing people to use digital tools and social platforms. For the last 5 years we have continuously strengthen these foundations for Global tech companies, like Microsoft, Citrix, Accenture and their partners.

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You are in good company

We have a strong Customer Base, delivering services globally to Microsoft, Accenture and Citrix.

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