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Business Case


Due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19, companies are facing challenges while pivoting face to face events to virtual spaces. Prior to this, Prologis attended and leveraged large European expositions around real estate to network and gain visibility. In 2020, they faced a challenge to connect and engage with their market and generate the same value with digital events. Our goal was to connect Prologis employees, partners and customers by using the right technology and leveraging the networking power of LinkedIn – the most important B2B Social Platform to pivot to the new normal, digital-first scenario.

Prologis Business Case Tricycle
About Prologis

Logistics Real Estate & Supply Chain Logistics

Prologis is the global leader in logistics real estate, owning over 3,840 buildings comprising 75-million square meters in 19 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Prologis strategy is focused on high-barrier, high-growth markets resulting in warehouses that are located close to huge urban areas where land is scarce. With over 2-thousand employees, 5-thousand tenants and an economic value of goods of over 2.2-trillion dollars flowing through their distribution centers each year, they are the world’s leader in logistic real estate solutions.

Measuring Results

Thanks to our proven pre, during and post event engagement strategies, Prologis has shown significant improvements in their overall social media presence and visibility and has achieved new heights of event success. Based on large expo’s in the traditional scenario (with 100 people attending a physical event), a recent digital event drove more than 8-hundred sign-ups, resulting in over 4-hundred attendees. In less than 14 days, Tricycle helped drive more the 76-thousand LinkedIn post impressions, resulting in more than 8-hundred clicks to the event page, and over 5-hundred social media actions.

Project Outcome


Transforming face to face events into virtual ones is the fastest and easiest solution to achieve Prologis event goals. However, replicating face to face event processes won’t bring you the desired outcomes when applied to virtual ones. Hence, we made sure to build the right foundation for Prologis to move into its digital event series. While building up their LinkedIn Campaign Manager we set clear KPI’s for minimum performance metrics, establishing a benchmark for best practices and how future campaigns perform against it. Tricycle-Europe also created a social media process for promoting digital events, ensuring they are done in a structured, managed way.

What’s Next?

Our partnership with Prologis continues to be focused on Digital Event Services while keeping the brand top of mind, their audience engaged and new business opportunities unlocked. Building the right sustainable strategy results in faster event set-up and execution time investment, higher digital event participation rate and an overall stronger social footprint with higher visibility in all event stages.