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Success Story

Österreichische Post

The first standardized postal service was set up between Innsbruck and Mechelen, Belgium in 1490 and is modernizing ever since. Today, Österreichische Post is adding Microsoft Relationship Sales to their digitalization strategy. Tricycle Europe is responsible for training the entire B2B sales team in the art of Social Selling to empower sellers drive more personalized and meaningful engagement with buyers.

Osterreichische Post Business Case Tricycle
About ÖP

Always there to help

Österreichische Post is the leading postal and logistics provider in Austria. With a turnover of 2 billion+ euro and over 20.000 employees Österreichische post is continuously improving efficiency and streamlining the cost structure as well as developing even better customer orientation and introducing innovations in all business areas.

Relationship Selling

Österreichische Post decided to invest in Microsoft Relationship Sales (MRSs), which brings together LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, to help their sales teams bring relationship data together and combine their systems to increase productivity and collaboration. To get the most out of this leading sales solution tool, there was a big need for their sales force to adopt Social Selling and incorporate the usage of Sales Navigator in their daily routine.

Measuring Results

With a strong focus on tool adoption, productivity and overall behavioral change, the team’s success was measured based on their usage of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator and their success stories in terms of targeting the right customers, finding every member of the buying committee and revealing the best path to each buyer. The team streamlined their sales process and optimized their relationship selling strategy.

Project Outcome


We achieved the greatest improvement in tool adoption, with both LinkedIn and Sales Navigator usage doubling. Instead of working in separate complex systems, sellers have simplified the way they work and build customer relationships. Participants are more comfortable using their own professional brand and social platforms to capture the buyer’s attention, gain relationship insights and engage at scale.

What’s Next?

We continuously support Österreichische Post in their path towards sustained growth and productivity with a strong focus on smarter selling for their teams and the digitalization of their sales processes. Our aim is to continue empowering sellers to scale the power of relationship selling by unifying transactional systems, social selling techniques and customer relationship building.

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