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Franziska Schaadt is a Social selling coach for the US Market and DACH region for Microsoft & Partners.


What’s it like at Tricycle-Europe?
“Tricycle is dynamic. It gives me a great deal of energy to work with a company that is growing so enormously. Just when I have mastered something new, there is already something else  to take on—that’s a real kick, everything that is outside my comfort zone. No two days are the same. I love it.”


What do you like most about working with Microsoft employees?
“I meet so many different people! I am coaching sellers from all over the States. In other words: in every Skype call I meet a person working in a different field, living in another area. I like listening to their stories and helping them out based on their needs. It makes me enthusiastic to be able to engage others and support them on their learning journey.”


What do you think is unique about your work as a social selling coach?
“I’m passionate about helping people to reach their full potential and about creating an environment in which success, progress and personal development are the outcomes. I like to think outside the box and use a personal approach because I believe that every individual is unique. It’s therefore important for me to feel connected with the person I am working with; it’s all about the relationship. In short, I’m enthusiastic about building relationships and leveraging those to create opportunities.”


What can you learn from the Microsoft employees?
“I learn, for example, a great deal about the technical side, like Dynamics and Cloud. I find that really interesting. But apart from that, I can learn something from everyone. Sometimes it’s just a good story that I draw a lesson from, or a great event at a Microsoft office that makes me think, Hey, maybe I can introduce that here.”


What is your starting point for being able to guide the Microsoft employees in social selling?
“I want to make them enthusiastic and to motivate them. Telling them why this is important—I focus very much on that. If they understand that, then it’s easier to help them along. I am always positive and energetic, and I try to convey that. It’s also very important to let them know that I’m here for them. Sometimes if you get stuck or you don’t understand something, even if it’s a little thing, it’s nice to know that you have someone you can count on.”


What is the power of social selling? Why does this work?
“Social selling is about building a personal relationship with a customer or prospect. Being social is something natural. Everyone needs meaningful relationships to be happy in their life. Social selling is similar as making contact with people in daily life, except that you socially engage in the digital world. And if you can manage to do that, then you’re a social seller, and that will bear fruit.”


Working at home, or at the office?
“Personally, I enjoy working at the office, so that I stay up to date and can immediately respond to new developments. Everyone is different, and I like to be surrounded by people because I’m very social. So I focus best in the office. Many Microsoft employees work at home, and I often hear from them that they can focus best in their own environment, because they are in their comfort zone then.”


Don’t work and private life have to stay separate?
“I don’t think it’s possible if you have an online job. I do believe that there has to be a balance. If you work at home, and you need to pick up your children from school at 3pm, then you are going to work with more focus because you’re under time pressure. Look, the freedom that an online job offers is fantastic. But it’s also dangerous. You have to keep taking care of yourself. I’m the last one to say that you have to take it easy, because I think it’s good to push the boundaries, but I know from experience that it’s even better to know when you should stop.”

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