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Joosje Campfens hails from Haarlem, The Netherlands. When she was 19 years old, she left for Amsterdam because the narrow-minded mentality of Haarlem started to suffocate her. Now, she’s returned to her roots and she started a family. She studied Theater and Drama. After a period of exploring different ways to go with her career, her focus landed on writing commercial content: website text, blogs, social media content, and, from her theater background, speeches.


What is your job title at Tricycle-Europe?
Content Creator


What does that mean?
I write a lot of content that’ll be shared on social media.


When did you first hear about Social Selling?
At Tricycle-Europe. Back then, about two-and-a-half years ago, I had no clue what it was, I’d never even heard of the term. Nowadays, it’s become just as conventional as the need for quality content for any organization.


What is the most beautiful thing about this job?
I work according to my own schedule, and wherever I want. In a café, the library, or in the forest. I can also listen to the music I want while I work, usually classical music. But when I’m starting to get tired towards the end of the day, Beyoncé is always there to give me a little boost. I’ve written some of my best work with Beyoncé in my ears.


What is this job’s biggest challenge?
Saying no to jobs. At the moment, I’m so busy I can barely take on anything new. However, since the summer is often a much slower period, I’m taking on as much work as possible before it all slows down. Besides, I secretly really enjoy a busy workload, it keeps me sharp and focused. I love deadlines and I get a great kick out of finishing jobs.


How do you do it as a mother of two?
I work out regularly, I try to eat healthy and I go to bed on time. I sometimes indulge in candy a bit too much. Overloading on vegetables compensates for my sweet tooth.


Why Tricycle-Europe?
I love Tricycle-Europe’s dynamic nature and their resilience. Everybody really enjoys working there and that kind of energy is infectious.


What are you looking forward to learning this year?
I want to become even more adept at successfully utilizing content as a marketing tool.


What are your professional ambitions?
My goal is to write more speeches and other kinds of texts for those who truly have the platform to impact society. People that actually mean what they say, and those who have their ears to the ground. Convincing the people to make the world a better, cleaner and safer place now and in the future through speeches and online texts is very important to me. This way, I can use my talents to provide my own contribution to a better society.


Theater and speeches, don’t you ever want to get on stage yourself?
I stopped performing because I found out being a public figure wasn’t for me. On paper I have the ability to express myself very well, public speaking however, is a totally different story. I get nervous on stage. Moreover, I don’t think I possess the knowledge to better the world with any concrete ideas. It would just be another load of hot air, and there’s plenty of that going around.


Where do you see yourself five years from now?
In Haarlem with my husband and two kids. Besides the content I write for Tricycle-Europe, by then hopefully having established locations all over the world so I can take a little trip every now and again, I really want to work on speeches for just one or two employers, so I can really get a sense of their tone of voice, their message and their potential.

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