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The Tequila Sunrise has made way for gloomy mornings that give you the feeling the alarm clock is going off at 4:00 AM. But do we let that affect our mood? Quite on the contrary, we are cozying up inside with the rain beating against the windows. Near Tricycle-Europe’s entrance coats and rain suits are hung up to dry and umbrellas are dripping in their rack. Our office is getting more and more crowded but we are proud to welcome six new co-workers who have come to strengthen our team from, amongst other places, Germany, Ireland and Italy.

We keep on learning and developing; two weeks ago we had the honour to go on a journey with Microsoft CMO Grad Conn during his roundtable presentation at the De La Mar Theatre in Amsterdam where he confirmed what we at Tricycle-Europe already know: the power of social selling is poised to transform the landscape of business for those savvy enough to harness its potential. The future of marketing is so bright, we’re going to have to wear shades.

Like every first Tuesday of the month we had fun at the Potluck. During this event everyone gets a chance to taste each other’s culture through food.

Furthermore, we saw Franziska Schaadt en Benny L. Kuhns shine at the FY18 in Zurich for M-Sellers where they spoke about the many possibilities of building and maintaining relations with key-partners: by employing your social network. Our coaches went on to give multiple webinars where the M-Sellers always had the possibility to request a 1:1 session if they needed that.

But back to the here and now: the smell of coffee fills the room; we call, coach, give personal advice and hold meetings about how to enlarge profits by utilizing your social network. Tricycle-Europe wishes you a cosy fall.

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