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On a cold Tuesday-morning the snowflakes fluttered down and transformed our city into a Christmas card. Enjoying this spectacle the bravest of us dared the bicycle ride to the Tricycle-Europe office. This morning many marveled at the large, lighted and colorfully decorated Christmas tree in the middle of our cozy office. After the snow had thawed away and the possibility of a snow fight in the lunch break disappeared, secret Santa showed up for a visit. The gloves and scratchers laid beautifully wrapped under the tree, waiting to be torn open.

Despite the shiny paper, glittering balls and twinkling lights the focus never decreased and that paid off in this pas December because Tricycle-Europe is, once again, hiring.

The Social Selling team had, with the holidays in sight, increased their efforts. Four of our coaches aided The Red Flag Group executives in expanding their knowledge about digital sales transformation. The team handed these executive tools to inspire others to also become more successful through their method of sales.

Of course travels were made, this time by our social selling experts Daria Yeretnova and Julia Winkler who flew 800 kilometer to their home country of Germany to help Microsoft Deutschland in München achieve the maximum potential out of LinkedInSales Navigator, Pointdrive and InMail.

While in Germany work continued deep into the evening the die-hards of Tricycle-Europe boarded an open boat. Thankfully they were wearing thick hats, gloves and winter coats and long johns because the weather felt like -5 C. Why, you may ask yourself, why would anyone go on a boat in these icy conditions? Well, because until 21st of January 2018 the 6th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is taking place. During this annual event the Amsterdam city center transform into an open air museum. Works of art and installations of contemporary (international) artists light up the old town on and around the canals. With mulled wine and good jokes the team tried to keep each other warm.

The next day everyone had warmed up again and was still cheerful from the spectacle. Our busy bee and social selling strategist Allison Meekins held a successful special webinar for a group of managers. They were anxious to learn how they could elevate their sales teams to a new level.

If we look back on 2017 all we can really say is that everyone gave their fullest and that through the many changes everyone was very flexible. The number of coworkers has grown but this did nothing to diminish the group dynamics and endless effort. Everyone, regardless of department, working as one and that is something we can be very proud of. We wish everyone a healthy, happy, loving and social 2018

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