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Our client is a leading organization that is specialized in the efficient monitoring of personnel management for other large organizations. They approached us because they needed help with lead generation.

Selection from 500 employers
It was their aim to generate more meetings within the Dutch-language market and in Belgium. In the past, the market was approached in the English language, and the conversion figures lagged behind, for example, the French market, where native speakers were used. Our client made a selection of 100 companies from among the 500 largest employers in the Netherlands.Our client was looking for someone who could have a discussion with them at the highest level and could monitor the outcomes well and could provide good feedback about how the business was positioned in the market.

We could offer them that and entered into discussions with them. We discussed the points at which there were stumbling blocks in their eyes. We quickly saw what we could handle for them. By utilizing Tricycle, they could give priority to the plan of approaching the European headquarters in the Netherlands. In addition, they wanted to increase their opportunities by expanding their database with more new contact persons and email addresses.

Importance of lead generation
In the past, the senior account manager did lead generation himself, but due to the growth of the company, he no longer had time for that. With his broad experience, we did not have to explain to him that lead generation takes more time and effort than people generally think. Many organizations also do not realize the importance of lead generation.

The success of our solution
The solution that we presented for our client was cold calling. Our method of cold calling entails that we first invest time and energy in building up a relationship, in order to be able to later schedule a meeting with the potential customer. In this way, Tricycle gets better results than others who use cold calling. At Tricycle, we namely believe that the basis of business is a good relationship.

In short: Our solution immediately appealed to our client. Our way of calling is fairly innovative, and given that Our client is always looking for innovation, our collaboration was soon a done deal.

After we had established all the steps, we built up a campaign, and Tricycle could get started with lead generation for our client. We mad agreements with the account manager to also get immediately to work with the expansion of their current database.

After just a short time, four high-value meetings were set. And after one quarter, the database was tripled in size with new contact persons and personal email addresses.

Our collaboration thus ensured that our client generated more meetings. The campaign is still in full swing at the moment, so the database will be expanded even further, with more meetings as the logical result.




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