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Amaury de Cocqueau (26) is a jovial man living in Belgium. I thank him for his time, and when I ask whether we should get started with the interview, his look becomes serious. He leans forward on the table. I immediately have his full attention. I see why this job as a coach is custom-made for him.


Amaury, where are you from?
I was born and brought up in Belgium. Raised in farm country. When I was 14, moved to Gent (Belgium). Art and architecture had always interested me, so it worked out well that we moved to the city. I carried that interest through to my studies, and eventually earned my Masters in Architecture. After that, I made a career switch because I wanted to explore multiple directions. I have always been eager to learn.


Is that why you moved to Amsterdam?
Well, I think that without that curious mindset, I never would have come further than Gent. I worked in Belgium for a crowdfunding organization, with its head offices in Amsterdam. My manager gave me the chance to start there. I grabbed that chance with both hands. That was a fantastic experience. Eventually I ended up with Tricycle-Europe. Now I am again living in Belgium because I missed my family and friends there terribly. The great thing about Tricycle is that I can work from Belgium, since the coaching is done via Skype.


What is your biggest wish?
That has actually already come true. I was always looking for a perfect work-life balance, and I have found that with Tricycle. I mean, a cool job and enough time to be able to travel and enjoy.


Is that the reason why you work with Tricycle?
Partly. It’s fun and it gives freedom, but apart from that, the subject interests me a great deal. It is a company with strong growth, with very flexible scheduling that ensures that you have the feeling of being your own boss.


What do you find truly interesting about the work?
That I constantly come into contact with different kinds of people, and that means always facing a new challenge. I am challenged to bring the best out of them. I have thus learned how to work with all different kinds of people: what they expect of me, and I of them. I enjoy finding the balance so that the collaboration works optimally.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
“I think making music is fantastic. I play drums, and now I am starting to play guitar. I like to meet up with friends, and I love traveling, getting things done and games. Broad interests, I guess.” He laughs.


What do you want to share with “your” seller during a session?
I give the tips and tricks of Social Selling in an enthusiastic way so that the seller gets very motivated by them. Of course it’s really great to hear at the end: Thanks, it was a great time, very much appreciated this time together. That really makes me happy.


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