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During Microsoft’s Q4, I had a client in Finland.

He dreaded working with Sales Navigator because he thought that it could not help him. I convinced him to come to a session anyway so that I could show how Sales Navigator is especially handy during such a busy period.

We did a search with the lead builder for a big telephone brand, with a seniority level of CXO and function of Marketing. He immediately found a man who had exactly the profile that he was looking for.

My client added him as a lead to receive information. He already knew a number of people with this organization with whom he had good contacts. They could introduce him to this desirable lead. And that’s what happened.

Three weeks later, he had been able to arrange an appointment with the person he had discovered through Sales Navigator, and another two weeks later, he closed a deal with the big telephone brand.

This convinced my client about the tool. It’s a time-saving tool, that you can use especially well during busy periods. He is so enthusiastic that now he also encourages his colleagues to make more use of it.







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