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Step 1.
Instead of using your profile to talk about yourself and the accomplishments you’ve made, write your copy to be reader-centric. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes, and think about the value you are bringing to them, and why they would want to work with you.

Step 2.
Start with a tailored and enticing headline.

Think of your reader as a person (rather than a potential client to claim), and tell them what your function entails, remembering to emphasize the value it brings to them. For example: In my profile my headline says “Building relationships through the optimization of social media.” This is my tagline for my role as a Social Selling Coach.

Try to avoid using terms like ‘sales, clients, customers’. Refer to what you do as a service, and consider your clients/customers as individuals or companies. They don’t want to view themselves as someone you are trying to seal a deal with!

Step 3:
Then focus on creating a compelling and relatable summary. It is important to remember to keep it reader-centric! Here is a suggested layout that I like to advise my sellers to use:

Open your summary with something that will engage your reader. Welcome them to your profile, acknowledge that they are taking time out of their day to read something about you. In my opening line, I ask my readers to recall a moment in time. Get them thinking about themselves.

The second paragraph is your opportunity to build rapport with your readers. Touch base with them on a more personal level. Open yourself up as a human, show a little character, and make yourself relatable.

Third section is where you can propose the business value you provide to your clients. Don’t list all your specialties and accomplishments here, but rather say what motivates you professionally and how you are unique to work with.

Close your summary with a direct and clear call to action. “If you want to meet up, and tell me more about the amazing things you are doing, and brainstorm about how I can help you develop further, shoot me an email at: ___________.” Once the reader has read the above three sections, they are going to be pumped about working with you. Give them something to do with it, and make it easy!

Add some rich media to your summary as well to offer engagement with your reader! For example, post a picture of your family and one of your hobbies (work and/or personally related).
Step 4:
When writing the descriptions for your Experience section, be sure to story tell. Again, the profile is NOT ABOUT YOU, it is about the value you are bringing to your clients! See each experience section as a chapter in ‘your book’. Stick to about 1 paragraph worth of text, and avoid using bullet points. Try to also avoid using the word “I” that will make it easier to keep the text consumer-centric. Add some rich media here as well to offer your readers a chance to engage and participate in your profile. I advise putting up a video and a link, however there are several options for you to choose from!


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