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Tricycle has recently hired 8 new employees! Two new U.S. coaches have joined our team and we expanded our Compliance and Controle Desk with six more team member!

This past July our Social Selling Services went global. Besides that, the U.S. market developed into being our primary market. Diversifying our team, and finding coaches to help us approach the US market from a native angle, was on top of our priority list.

The existing team of Social Selling Coaches has expanded with two new team members who were born and raised in the USA.

Our Social Selling Coaches now form an amazing mix of cultures and languages, adding not only a variety of different language skills, but different approaches into different markets.

Compliance and Control Desk
Besides our two new social selling heroes, we have massively expanded our Compliance and Control Desk from 1 to 7 team members.

Our Compliance and Control Desk helps our international customers in their native languages through financial processes. We are now offering this service in 5 languages; Dutch, English, French, German and Japanese.

We are excited to keep expanding our services and growing together with our partners.

Would you also like to become a part of our growing team? Keep a close eye on our LinkedIn Page or ContentHub because very soon we will have openings for our Lead Generation Department, Social Selling Coaching Services Department and our Compliance and Control Desk.

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