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“If you want to be successful in business, you first have to be skilled at observing and listening; the value of that is underestimated and people miss big opportunities because of that…” Eric Haar, who hails from Pennsylvania, U.S.A., thinks, talks and reacts quickly, but does not forget to listen. He has an infectious passion for making new technologies his own. He comes off as fearless, giving off a youthful energy that makes him easily approachable and engaging. His desire to learn and experience new things always has him moving forward.


Shall we start with a tip for the Microsoft Sellers?
You need to realize that you’re in service of the client. Not the other way around. Otherwise you will never grow. You need to be a good listener. While I’m educating my sellers, I’m educating myself as well. It’s important to ask the right questions at the right time to really find out what your client needs. You need to listen, then reflect and THEN recommend — not, the other way around.


How is it to work with Microsoft Sellers?
It’s inspiring to help the high-level Microsoft Sellers with the digital transformation. In the USA, I was an optician, selling direct to the consumer. Translating that personal feel into the social selling world is a challenge and it is one I hope to overcome with each seller I speak with. The basics are the same as a face-to-face sale. You still need to be engaging, but in a different, more calculated way. It’s a paradigm shift. In fact, as a social seller you’re selling into space with your reputation floating around. It’s your job to pull sellers in your orbit, with things like content that establishes you as the thought leader, or expert. It is the most important piece of the social selling universe because it aims to connect on a personal level and nurture a relationship into trust — and that social aspect is the same as in a face-to-face sales.


What should you especially NOT do to become a successful social seller?
This is a technological revolution. Things are changing daily at a frenetic pace; however, the way we currently sell is not. Social selling is the way to keep up. If you are not changing the way you sell, you will be left behind with a cold call list and dial tone.


What is an American doing in Amsterdam, training Americans in America?
He laughs: “When my fiancée was offered a job in the Netherlands nine months ago, I said: Let’s do it! He who experience the most lives the most.Nothing holds me back from learning new things and making them my own. On any corner of the street or, in this case, on the other side of the world, there can be a new adventure waiting.”


I’m surprised that you came here such a short time ago.
Why? Because I’m so at ease?


Life is full of adventures. Why stay home.


When you are in a training with American Microsoft employees, do you miss America then?
This job as a coach with the Microsoft sellers is my line to my homeland. I think it is awesome that I still get a chance to speak with sellers from all over the U.S. This really is the perfect job for me. I get to write things, meet so many different people and introduce them to the new world I live in, the world of social selling.


You are a writer as well as a coach?
“Yes, funny that I am sitting here now. I have interviewed so many people, but have never been on the ‘other’ side. Next to a social selling coach, I am a ghostwriter and content creator, but I could never just write. I always need to be interacting with other people. And that’s perfect because that is what my job needs of me. I like writing, but I love interacting with others.”


Do you have a nice quote to give to the readers?
I have two of them. “Don’t look back, live in the moment, live with no regrets.” And “It’s not how many days you have in your life, it’s how much life you have in your days.”

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