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Besides our regular Social Selling Program we have a unique Social Selling Partner Program. This Social Selling Program offers a tailor-made program to very important sales allies: partners.

Large companies often have partners on which they rely for sales. Microsoft has numerous partners who are responsible for a large part of their sales. Therefor we don’t only train and coach Microsoft sellers, but have a separate program for the Microsoft Partners.
Together with Microsoft Switzerland we have organized two Social Selling Partner Days on location already. These are basically a jump-start into Social Selling especially for the Partners of Microsoft. They are invited for a nice day at the Microsoft offices, and one of our experts flies in to explain why social selling is important and what the program looks like.

Last week our Social Selling Expert Amaury de Cocqueau flew to the Microsoft office in Geneva to host a nice day for some of the Swiss Microsoft Partners.

Amaury says it was a great day: “Many participants were still completely new to social selling, and most of them were actually a bit sceptical; which is actually great for me. To end a day with exciting people who told me that this will make their work a lot more effective and that Sales Navigator is such a powerful tool is great, especially since they started out so sceptical. “

Amaury explains that his knowledge as an expert always allows him to get people on board: “I really love it when people are sceptical or hesitant and they ask a lot of questions. But when you have an answer for everything, and you can really show them why it works with facts and data they get on board. And to end a day with such positive notes is really a nice accomplishment for me.”


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