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Use this tool to help expand your professional branding and to secure your social media presence. It not only helps you find the most relevant content for your audience in an easy way, it also saves you a ton of time since all content is gathered in one place.

I don’t have the time to browse the internet for hours trying to find that perfect article!
No worries! You don’t have to. Everything is gathered in one place. It’s a content-gathering platform on which articles are written and curated by the Microsoft Marketing teams from each country. Sharing on your social networks has never been so easy!

What kinds of articles?
What will benefit my network? Ask yourself that question every time before you start searching. What you might think is a good piece might not be interesting to your network at all. Put yourself in their shoes.

How many times a week should I share articles? What do top sellers do?
Some use it every day to have the most recent information. An average and reasonable amount is to go on Sociabble once a week and to schedule 2-3 articles for posting each week.

You can schedule the articles you want to post. This means that on Monday morning, for example, you can schedule articles for posting on Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. This easily guarantees your social presence for the whole week.


  • You can choose which topics you are interested in sharing with your network by selecting your favorite topics and creating your personalized wall of articles.


  • By linking various social media channels with Sociabble, you can then post directly from Sociabble to your social media account (like LinkedIn).


  • Go to ms/sociabble and connect with your Yammer credentials.Enter your organization and go through the activation procedure.


  • In a few minutes, everything is set up, and you are good to go. Time to improve your social presence and become the trusted advisor and expert in the industry for your audience.


Good luck, Amaury de Cocqeau

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