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Today owner Jochem Verberg took the stage at LinkedIn. He presented Tricycle Europe’s solutions for a few contentious issues with social selling.  

Focusing on adoption and the importance of a continuous investment in an ongoing social selling program. Tricycle’s Social Selling Program doesn’t just focus on using social selling tools, but on coaching sellers towards real adoption. From resistant sellers to implementing social selling tools; our experts know how to get everyone excited and on board, from management to sellers to marketers. Because “Like it or not, we’re all in sales now”.    

Then Jochem moved on to discuss content curation. Content is key, but despite the abundance of content it’s still difficult to use content strategically. How do you get your employees to share content? What is the most effective approach to have content work for you? 

To close of the workshop Jochem spoke about measurability. “What you can’t measure doesn’t exist” and that’s why Tricycle is always coaching based on deliverables. How do you measure the influence of social media and social selling tools in sales? How do you know if your social selling program is effective? 

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