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Jesse wants to remain in Amsterdam in the coming years, if it’s up to him. He is keeping all his options open: if something comes his way that appeals to his ambition, he will be on the first plane to wherever that adventure might be. Both he and his girlfriend are hard workers. Both work 6 days a week and keep Monday as “holy.” That is their free day. Exhausted after a work week? “Not at all, it just gives me more energy!”


Where do you come from?
Grootebroek, a village in West-Friesland. Really amazing to grow up in the country. But as I got older, I missed the liveliness of a city. So I left for Amsterdam immediately after my VWO. Even Amsterdam becomes a village after a while, though. New York is more of a city for me. That city is bustling; the energy there is tangible, and I miss that in Amsterdam.


Why did you come to Amsterdam?
I had the goal of becoming an actor, and I went to do an audition for the Kleinkunst academy. I started taking acting lessons, and I ended up at Tricycle-Europe eight years ago through a friend of a friend. Because I was a chatterbox as a youngster, I suited the profile for Cold Calling well.


What did you study?
After the acting lessons, I went to the Conservatorium in Haarlem to study, until 2 years ago, with a focus on studio producer.


How did you become a coach?
I rolled into it. I learn best and fastest by doing.
After cold calling for two years, I started doing project management for Tricycle-Europe, and since 2011 I have been working as an independent entrepreneur. Last January, the new challenge from Microsoft came up. Now I am behind the wheel for Microsoft. In America, I maintain 80% of the contacts, and I am team manager for coaches. It’s a kick to help people get better through my help.


What is your stumbling point?
What I always ran into was that I have to choose one thing and go for it. But I always wanted to do two things, and that could be difficult because I never gave myself the chance to become excellent at anything. Now I have found a balance, but I always wonder what I want and what I am good at. That lets me get the best out of myself.


Do you have a tip for the ambitious social seller?
I believe that everyone who has ambition has to look for a critical mentor/coach. Someone who strengthens your expertise and someone who can show you how it should be done. Dare to ask for help. I think that is the only way you can grow.





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