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Noralie, where did you grow up?
“On the Veluwe, glorious expanses, the heath, the woods, the deer.
I was dancing in the playpen, and when I was nearly 4 years old, I went to my first ballet class. I danced throughout my youth: classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. But the academy didn’t come knocking for me, I have also had to work hard to be able to go to the dance academy. Dance was the thing that I was really able to motivate myself for.”

 If you found the expanses so glorious, why did you come to Amsterdam then?
“After graduating, I worked during the following year on Curaçao as a full-time dance instructor and choreographer, and I gave lessons there to the basic classes. I had never felt the need to go to Amsterdam previously, but when I decided to return to the Netherlands, I suddenly saw myself biking along the canals in Amsterdam. I also met my current fiancé, who already lived in Amsterdam, during that time. Now I have started to love Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a great deal to offer when you are in the dance world.”

Creatively seen, I understand your yearning for freedom. But now you work as a Social Selling Coach. Isn’t that something completely strange to you? 
“Yes and no. I have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, I work in the dance world as instructor, choreographer and artistic project leader. On the other hand, I’m developing my business side in marketing with Tricycle Europe. I started working with Tricycle because I wanted to utilize my competencies outside my comfort zone. When I give dance lessons, get a group to move and can motivate individuals, I’m like a fish in water. But I know that the world demands more from me in the long term. In these times, when everyone is on social media and many people work as sole proprietors, I think it’s important to learn how you can engage in the market and how you can approach the right target audience.”

You sound like a coach in heart and soul.
“I think that you have to have it in you. But I also think that you have to want to keep developing: no teacher can do that for you. If you don’t keep looking at your qualities, you don’t know how you can employ these for multiple purposes. And yes, I like getting that message across to others.”

 What do you like about your job as Social Selling Coach?
“I found it especially surprising to see that my qualities and skills from the dance world came in quite handy in my current position within Tricycle. As a Social Selling Coach, I train sellers on how they can adjust to the changes in sales through social media. Training people, being responsible for a group in the learning process, and maintaining relationships are all commonalities between my two fields. I can also identify very well with the personal approach and work culture that Tricycle employs.”

What is there to learn about Social Selling?
“A lot! It seems easy, and once you’re into it, it really is. But first you need to understand the need for being social. When you step in the Social Selling Program, the first important step is that you know WHY you are in the program, with WHOM do you want to build strong business relationships, and then we can teach you HOW to reach your selling goals.”

Good, in closing, do you have 3 points that you think are indispensable in social selling?
“Yes, I certainly do! How do you distinguish between spam and a relevant message? How do you maintain business relationships? And most importantly, choose quality above quantity.”



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