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It’s nothing new – just a different application of what we have been doing for a long time. Integrate it into your daily routine, 5 minutes each day, and see how much time it saves you.

  1. You get your laptop as you would every morning.2
  2. Go grab your coffee and open the Sales Navigator.
  3. While sipping on your coffee, go through the updates from your saved leads and accounts.
  4. Like and comment if you see anything interesting. This way, you can start building a relationship and show you are an expert in your industry. Be careful not to spill your coffee while reading all this information!5.
  5. Note insights that you gain about the company or person that you could use in later stage, during a meeting or call for example.

DONE! Your coffee won’t even be half empty by the time you’ve finished, as this daily routine takes about 5-10 minutes at most. These are the basic skills of a true social seller. Now you can start the rest of your day, knowing you already have done valuable work!

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