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Chiyiki Kaneko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She studied Japanese literature at a university in Japan. After her study she worked as a secretary for the CEO of a trading company, which she did for 18 years. After that she started her own business with a partner. They imported and exported car parts. She did this for 5 years before coming to the Netherlands in the pursuit of love. Tricycle is the first company she has worked for abroad.


How did you find this job?
My friend also works for Tricycle and I have heard positive stories about this company. When I heard there was a vacancy for the BIF position I wanted to try it out and I applied.


How long have you been in the Netherlands?
I’ve been living in Holland for 3 years and 3 months now.


Why did you want this job?
The job was very attractive for me because I had heard that I can work from home after training with international colleagues. Besides that, the job is mainly in Japanese so I can put those skills to use.


What is your ambition; what are your dreams from a commercial perspective?
For the moment I’m only thinking about the work in front of me. I will devote myself to learning the job and hope I can achieve the same level my coworkers have, as soon as possible. For now, that is my only ambition, and I will try my best!


What are your expectations about Tricycle?
This is my first job in a foreign country. I’m hoping for a great experience with nice colleagues. This is a great opportunity for me to improve not only my language skills, but in many other ways as well.


Do you like Amsterdam?
Sure, I like Amsterdam. I think Tokyo is busier than Amsterdam.


What are your plans for the future?
I would like to stay in Amsterdam until I retire. After that I think I want to move back to Japan to my family and friends.


Do you pursue any other activities besides working at Tricycle?
I sometimes give workshops in making Japanese flower arrangements. I have been doing that for 30 years and I have a certificate.


What did you do this summer, did you go on holiday?
Just before summer recess started I enjoyed five weeks in Japan, which was a wonderfully long holiday. Because of that I worked all summer.

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