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A supertool
Recruitment agency ‘Ivoren Wachters’ asked themselves the following question: how do you look for- and quickly (and easily) find fresh new talent?

Certified Social Selling professional Job Thomassen was invited to tell the recruitment agency the Young Professional Service of ‘Ivoren Wachters’ everything there is to know about LinkedIn Recruiter.


Controlling the market
Not that long ago, candidates came pouring in like rain at recruitment agencies. But the market has changed and employing social media as a tool to attract candidates has become a necessity. Besides that, it is important to distinguish yourself within the digital world.

Tricycle-Europe saw this problem within recruitment agencies and linked their social selling department with the finding of candidates within recruitment agencies. Because of that, Tricycle-Europe recently moved to LinkedIn’s Recruiter Tool.


How do I stand out?
Recruiter Céline Olsthoorn tells us:

“The training was very personal and that really worked for me. Job explained everything clearly and in a fun way, like how to search with the LinkedIn tool for example. I used to start small and go big when searching, now I do it the other way around and it works really well, it enabled me to better find the proper candidates. I am very motivated to work on my Personal Brand, it really is important to stand out.”


Personal approach
‘Ivoren Wachters’ are scouting and selecting HBO and WO level educated people with at least 3 years of working experience for multinationals and fast growing organisations in the SME.

What makes ‘Ivoren Wachters’ unique is that they receive the feedback from their candidates that their personal approach feels like a warm blanket. Job Thomassen of Tricycle-Europe could not have come to a better place.


Quickly find what you are looking for
LinkedIn Recruiter showed them how to create a personal brand and how to use the proper search filters, namely the Boolean Search. Among other things he zoomed in on the importance of building and maintaining a group by sharing relevant content.

To recruit in a more efficient and distinguishing fashion he taught them how to use the tool to gain maximum results. At the end of the morning the recruiters were given the task to compose the perfect InMail with a piccolo bottle of Champagne as the grand prize. Daan Bergsma was the lucky winner.


Positive reactions to the “new” InMail
“It is also a big step forward that I can now write a good InMail. The trick is to write from the perspective of the candidate and not your own, as I used to do. You should ask yourself: what does the candidate look for, and what does it need? My colleague Fleur Groenewegen immediately had very positive reactions to this new method of writing InMail.

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