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With the summer in our heads we exploited our favorite theme ‘social’ a lot this month.

We were invited to host a variety of execution focused social selling sessions to get into social selling shape. Our experts Job Thomassen, Eric Haar and Franziska Schaadt went down to the Schiphol airport offices to host several different social selling sessions.

The tone was set because on the 4th of July we had another reason for a party. Despite a distance of over 7000 kilometers (over 4350 miles), we decided to celebrate this day together with partner Microsoft. While in America the flags are waving in the wind, firework shows are being set up and parades are filling the streets, we went on a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam with a traditional barbecue.

One and a half week later we flew to the US, not to celebrate with Microsoft one-on-one but to listen to Keynote speakers in Las Vegas together with 20.000 Microsoft employees, followed by breakout sessions for the remainder of the day. The sessions include presentations, panels, workshops, deep-dive learning sessions, specialized training and hands-on or instructor-led labs.

Tricycle-Europe was there as well; with four coaches they answered questions and we told about out program. Op July 19th there was a “Celebration Night Event” at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. It was packed with rides, games and live music. This event was only open to registered Ready attendees, which can only be Microsoft Employees, so it was a sort of elite nerd carnival.

In short it is already a great summer, which will only get better because we are welcoming our new colleague Chiyuki Kaneko who will be working as a support employee for team Japan.

For now we wish Microsoft worldwide and everyone one else a great and social summer!





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