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Love brought Javier to Amsterdam. His girlfriend fell in love with not only him but also with Amsterdam. That is why they moved here in September 2017. He likes Amsterdam, its architecture, culture and people. Unfortunately he can’t label it as perfect due to his southern Spanish roots: he misses the sun!


What is your working background?
I have worked mostly in an Accounting department in Spain. Later, while I was getting accustomed to the country where I was living I did some work in the gastronomy industry. Last year I had the opportunity to manage the social media accounts of a non-profit organization in Austria called SIETAR Austria. I have also worked in voluntary positions such as AIESEC Spain and SIETAR Europe.


When did you first hear about social selling?
‘When I started at Tricycle-Europe, but seeing as how social media is a popular tool for communicating I have been familiar with it for a long time.’


What do you think about content marketing?
‘I believe that connecting the dots between content marketing and social selling can function as a powerful tool to tell stories, all the while achieving levels of KPI that are necessary to fulfill the major needs of customers.


What is the most beautiful thing about your job?
‘That it’s dynamic: every day is different. Of course I know what my goals and to do’s are at the start of the week but I never know what new challenges lay on my doorstep. I love to travel and meet the sellers in person. Next week me and my colleague Alex will go to MS Netherlands to do a workshop for the Microsoft team about a personal strategic plan and how to make social selling as normal and habitual as brushing your teeth. That will continue to following day with workshops in Spain, which I will do on my own.


What do you like at Tricycle-Europe?
‘I love working in international environments and in teams. Tricycle-Europe offers me the possibility to travel and get in touch with different cultures. The fact that the company is growing offers me a lot of opportunity to grow professionally. It also gives me a lot of chance to use all my languages.


Huh, languages?
Yes (he laughs) I speak German, Italian, English and of course Spanish. I’m also planning to learn Dutch.


What do you like the best since you started working here?
‘That I face different profiles every day from different cultures, which often makes me think about if Social Selling can help them and in what way.


What is your dream?
‘My dream is to have as many experiences in my life as possible. I feel like I’m doing that, so I’m currently living my dream!’


Where are you in five years from now?
‘I see myself in Amsterdam, preferably more adjusted to live here and with a larger set of responsibilities within Tricycle-Europe. But in all honesty, I’m not sure if I can ever adapt to the constant rain and cold weather, haha!’


Maybe Tricycle-Europe can open an office in the south of spain?
‘Hahaha, that would be perfect!’

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