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The fat percentage we had gained during the festivities of December has been left behind in the gym. The days grow longer. Finally. The whistling of fireworks has moved aside to make place for the whistling of birds, announcing the start of a great new day. With our gloves tucked away in our pockets we no longer make our way towards Tricycle-Europe through the dark of winter, but with the sun’s rising glow shining in our faces.

In January all new coworkers have been trained and found their places. They are giving lectures, travelling and Skyping away. Like a well-oiled machine we are utilizing the possibilities of LinkedIn video: we blog, vlog, train, coach and use Instagram constantly.

The days that all the carefully cooked dishes for the Potluck would fit on one single desk are a thing of the past. At the first Potluck of 2018 Allison had to clear her desk to be able to display all the different meals. The doggy bags were ready for use and for days afterwards we enjoyed Japanese, Spanish and Greek food. It won’t take long before we have to add an extra table because Tricycle-Europe is hiring once again.

Tricycle-Europe started this year with a new Social Selling tour. Javier Dominguez and Alex Kroon started close to home at Microsoft NL in the beautiful, temporary office near Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. There they met up with high-level professionals to talk about Social Selling strategies and how these can be employed on a wider scale.

Afterwards the coaches flew to Madrid (Spain) where Javier, a born-and-raised Spaniard, felt like a fish in the water. And with this mind-set he led several executive sessions with Microsoft employees that hold functions within CXO (Chief Experience Officer) or HR (Human Resources). During these sessions they had enlightening conversations that facilitated the participants in picking up the digital transformation process.

The next day they got to work with a strategic team session with the Cloud Solution people and their team leaders. This session helped them understand that Social Selling determines the success of the entire team, not just of the individual. The Executive Director of Customer Success said afterwards that she has set Social Selling skills and actions as the goal for her team!

All in all we are thrilled to notice how our program is encouraging people to get to work with the digital transformation as soon as possible.

And with all new developments and experiences in our backpack we continue our hike into 2018, where chances are waiting to be grabbed. Our resolution is not to have resolutions but to just engage, discover and adopt. All of this from our foundation in which we so firmly believe: being Social with a capital S.

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