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Laila  Soussi (27) was born and raised in Canada. She has now worked at Tricycle-Europe for five months as Compliance & Control Coördinator for Microsoft France for 40 hours per week.

What did you study?
I have a Canadian university graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.


What is your professional background? 
I worked as a store manager for 6 years, managing a group of employees, the store budget and the stock. I also have a great deal of experience in customer service, seeing to their satisfaction & managing their complaints.


Did you find it difficult to adjust to the Netherlands?
I had been to the Netherlands before as a tourist. Dutch culture is a bit similar to the culture in Quebec, very liberal. The language was the only shock, but Amsterdam is very international. I got used to it quite easily; the Dutch in general are travelers and therefore aware of other cultures. It’s also handy, of course, that nearly everyone here speaks English, and that makes integrating easier. But if you want to build a life here, it’s important to learn the language, to blend in with the locals. My Dutch is fortunately improving.


How did you end up at Tricycle-Europe?
I saw the advertisement, and, because I was already working on building up commercial relationships, it connects well with what they were looking for at Tricycle. We work with Microsoft partners and project managers. I think it’s great fun, and I have confidence in the growth and development of our departmens. In the beginning, it was very complex, but now all the puzzle pieces are falling into place, and everything is under control.


What do you think is the key to success?
I love my work, and I try every day to do the best I possibly can. I turned my work into joy, and hopefully I will infect everyone around me with the same passion I have. When you transfer this passion, that is how the company becomes successful. Most importantly, by building strong business relationships with colleagues, partners and customers in the long term is the key to success.


What is the most beautiful thing about this job, what are you looking forward to doing? 
I really enjoy my team and the people I work with. We are here to help each other to become the best version of ourselves and in our work so we can deliver quality input.


What are your goals?
I want to keep growing with and within Tricycle. As we keep doing our work professionally, I see a great future for Tricycle with Microsoft. I would like eventually to become a part of the management team. But primarily to keep doing my best every day to make Tricycle as successful as possible.

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