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Mark Hann (on the left) is the newest ambitious employee from the UK. He has lived and worked in Germany, Hungary, and Senegal. Because of his versatile background he brings a different perspective at the office and for the entrepreneurs with which he works.

What is your working background? 
I have previously worked as an English teacher, as a research consultant, and a communications manager at an NGO. I recently completed a PhD in anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on sport in West Africa.

Why Tricycle-Europe?
Tricycle-Europe offers me opportunities to learn in a business environment which is quite new to me, as well as providing a dynamic yet friendly working environment. Plus the office is in Amsterdam, which is a bonus.

What have you already learned?
I have already learned a lot about Social Selling, and the many tools and techniques which it entails.

What does Tricycle-Europe exactly do?
Tricycle-Europe helps people use emerging technologies to connect and share with relevant people, and enables companies in adopting Social Selling methods

What are you looking forward to learn at Tricycle-Europe? 
I am looking forward to learning more about Social Selling, and improving my orzganizational, teamwork, and project management skills.

What is the biggest difference between your latest job and Tricycle-Europe?
My last job was more of an individual project, whereas my position at Tricycle-Europe requires me to work as part of a team, with an emphasis on both internal and external communications.

Do you have any advice for people who would like a more Social Business Network? 
Get online!

 Where would you like to be/accomplished in five years from now?:
In five years I would like to be living in a more peaceful and just world than the one we live in today. But as Anaïs Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”