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‘What I like so much about Tricycle-Europe is that they are always open to new things, different opinions and people, and this means that they are constantly expanding their horizon. My colleagues are super, and there is a very positive atmosphere here.’

Nina makes arrangements, makes calls and handles administrative work for her colleagues. I’m in shock when she tells me that she lives (all the way down) in Brabant. She laughs about it. “Everyone thinks that it’s half a world away, but it’s only an hour by car.”


 What is your professional background?
I actually just graduated recently from the Cosmo Academy in ’s Hertogenbosch. That’s a program for entertainment, recreation and event organization. I have had a lot of side jobs and done internships in that sector. For example, in an entertainment team at a campground, and as a travel hostess for GOGO in Lloret de Mar.


How did you end up at Tricycle-Europe?
Friend of a friend. Because they were getting increasing busy, then needed someone who could take over a number of tasks, so that the rest would be freed up to use their expertise. I contacted the directors, and they invited me in for a job interview. We clicked, and I was able to start right away.


But this is your first job
I see the fact that I work here as a great chance that has been given to me. Because I’m smart and motivated, they can mold me, and that is positive for both parties. I currently handle parts of the administration, and I have a number of minor financial tasks as well.


What is your goal at Tricycle-Europe?
I want to learn more about business. I want to prove that I can really do it all. That pushes me to keep learning by doing. And experience is better on your CV than education is.


What is your passion for your work?
Like I said, I really don’t have much experience in this area, and that’s the reason that I come to work every day full of energy. At Tricycle, they look at who you are and what your potential is, not just at your education and history. It should be that way everywhere, as it’s incredibly motivating, and of course that is good for the company as well.


What do you most look forward to?
Getting to know new people and especially developing for myself in areas where I do not really feel entirely comfortable. And of course gaining experience in business.


What do you enjoy most about this job?
The variety. Great and different things come up for me every day. I also learn a great many new things every day. And of course the colleagues—I get along quite well with everyone. Lots of new people are being hired right now as well. It’s funny, because I’m actually quite new myself (six months), but because it keeps getting busier around here, I keep getting extra tasks and new projects.


The most difficult thing about your job?
Saying no. There are so many things asked of me, and especially at first it is difficult to say no, but then you find out that saying yes to everything only works against you. So now I try to say no in a timely manner, so that I can complete each job well before taking on ten more. Ultimately, that doesn’t help anyone anyway.


Where do you see yourself in five years?
At the moment, I don’t know. My boyfriend and I just bought a house, and we are so busy with renovations and everything that involves that I’m not thinking any further than that right now. But I would like to keep working with Tricycle for a while, and to keep growing. Perhaps someday to take the step to coaching.

Do you have advice for people who also want to enter business?
Do it! Go for it!





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