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Silvia was born in Jesi, a small town and commune in the center of Italy. After her graduation she had her first working experience abroad in Florida, USA, where she applied for an international cultural exchange program for the Walt Disney Company. There she worked as a hostess and in client support, but she always wanted to travel and discover new places. That is why she came to Amsterdam a couple of months ago.

Why Tricyle-Europe?
Tricycle-Europe is a small start-up which has grown immensely in the past and is meant to keep growing with its future oriented branches like Social Selling. The whole team is dynamic and motivated and always open for new changes. These are the qualities I was looking for! I applied for the position that Tricycle was looking for! The position Tricycle had open and that I applied for is: “compliance and front key client support employee”. That is exactly what I always loved to do after my economic studies.

Do you like it here compared to what you did before?
Absolutely, I don’t regret anything.

What is the most beautiful thing about this job?
I’m working with an international team. There are people here from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to create a good and authentic atmosphere in which everyone wants to share their different experiences, their different points of view. Because of all of that you can be yourself and feel at home.

What are you looking forward to learn?
To become fully integrated I think it is important to learn the culture and the language of the country you live in, so that is my plan for the future. It will be a big challenge learning Dutch, but never say never!

When were you in the Netherlands for the first time?
In 2013 I was here during a small vacation with friends and I fell in love with Dutch culture. I always wanted to move to a big city where everything is available: different kinds of food, different nationalities, museums and events every weekend!

What was the place you grew up in like?
Jesi is a small town with 40232 citizens. Despite its size it is known internationally due to three famous women who played fencing on an international level. It is a beautiful and quiet town, rich of history like all cities in Italy, big and small.

What did you like there the most?
I always loved to walk around the old parts of the city where you can get lost in the many small and curious streets. Its position is perfect! Close to the sea like the beautiful “Conero Riviera” but at the same time close to the mountains. It’s amazing!

Do you miss it?
Yes, of course I miss it at times, but it was my decision to move to a big city in another country. I was looking for a city that is big, but especially one that is international and because Amsterdam is not that far away from Italy, the choice was easy.

What is your dream?
My dream for the future is to feel free to travel with my boyfriend and my future family.

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