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After two years, he interrupted his studies in Business Communications and started working in sales, a pit stop where he ended up staying for two years. Through the right contacts, talent and perseverance, Ramy now works as a subject matter expert in BIF. He is the man who has mastered the whole process from start to finish.

How did you end up at Tricycle Europe?
I was working in sales, and I was ready for a new challenge. I had met Ivar (Director of Tricycle Europe) earlier that year, and I guess everything just fell into place. After a number of months of trainings, I got the chance to set up BIF in Amsterdam.

You will have only been working with Tricycle Europe for a year. But you walk around here like you’ve been working here for years.
Yes, I am at ease within the team. That is because of the informal culture; that suits me quite well.

You’ve grown quickly. These kinds of processes often take years.
I worked hard to get here, and I have to keep doing that every day.

It’s not only you who has grown quickly: your team is also growing by the day.
Yes, that’s right. In October, we brought on six new colleagues, and four more a couple of months later. Things are happening very quickly now.

Do you have a tip for beginning young professionals?
When you get the chance to meet new people, you have to take it. You never know where it will lead. If you don’t try, you won’t get anywhere. When you are faced with choices, don’t be afraid, just dive in. If it doesn’t work, then try something else. You can only learn from a setback.

What is your driving force?
Learning. I am not someone who can sit with my nose in a book; I’m far too restless for that. I learn best and most quickly in practice. The energy that I get from the fact that we are all working very hard, together, at Tricycle Europe to get bigger and better. “Team spirit” is key. That’s my driving force.

Do you have a dream?
I did. From the time I was twelve until I started university, I wanted to join the Army. Then that dream faded. Now I am mostly occupied with settling down: I just got my motorcycle license and bought my first house. I’m also incredibly busy, easily working—with pleasure—twelve hours a day. By working more hours, we will get even better more quickly. I think that when I’m settled into my new house and relax a bit, then I will think about the next goal. But who knows… it will come along on its own. That’s how things have happened so far.

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