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The clock went back an hour so we had to go to bed earlier and it felt we had to rise even earlier, but this won’t deny us our mind’s rest, even though the bags under our eyes tell another story. In this biting cold we cycle towards an office growing so fast that it’s about to burst at the seams. That is why a few of us have, together with our desks, computers, headsets and framed wedding picture, have moved to where the garage used to be from where we continue to tirelessly call, meet, shake hands and support.

The fresh wind blowing through our company is not cooling us down, quite the contrary: it is originating from six new enthusiastic social selling coaches from Brazil, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and our own beautiful country. The seasoned coach Allison Meekins is training these enthusiasts in a quick and effective manner to reach the highest level.

The Potluck on the second Tuesday of the month was once again a party. Enjoying the many different, caringly home-cooked dishes we had a chance to get to know each other even better. The meals are getting increasingly exotic and (thankfully) no one dares to order pizza any more.

For the social selling days Franziska returned to Zurich for a second coaching session with the Microsoft M-Sellers. Accompanied by our new Social Selling talent Laura, she shared some valuable insights on how to leverage Social Selling tools and shorten the pipeline! On Wednesday it was off to Neckarsulm, where they gave a jump-start on adopting modern sales tools.

We like to wish all of our new coworkers a warm welcome to Amsterdam and are looking forward to the future.

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