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Marriage brought Tomoko from Japan to the Netherlands. She has now lived in Utrecht for two years, and has been working for three months at Tricycle-Europe. With pleasure. She loves the dynamics within Tricycle; she loves a challenge.


What do you enjoy about your position?
“I like communicating with customers and supporting the processes in going smoothly. And the desire to work toward the success of the whole project. Our company cares about all the aspects of a good relationship. And I find I am absorbing that attitude, find that it is contributing to my own personal growth.”


What is your experience with Microsoft?
“I only knew Microsoft from the computer programs that I used in my former job, at an Administration Department, for Customer Service. Namely, Microsoft Excel & Word. My last job in Japan was in food imports, and my main task was arranging the shipments and maintaining the inventory of foodstuffs. I liaised with more than 30 manufacturers, several forwarders, custom brokers and bankers. Thanks to their support and collaboration, I was able to manage the imports effectively.”


What is the most appealing aspect of this job?
“Each person on our team has a positive spirit, a teamwork-oriented mindset, and strong communication skills. We share information, support and care for each other, and hold the intention of making the whole project a success, together.”


What are you looking forward to doing for Microsoft?
“I work at a Japanese project. And if everything goes well, I hope to be able to maintain a good work flow with my colleagues.”


You live in Utrecht now, but the commute from Utrecht to Amsterdam is quite long.
“I don’t actually mind it. Especially if you’re accustomed to Tokyo. There, it’s common to spend your commute of an hour or longer standing in the train. Packed together like sardines.”


Have you been able to adjust to the Netherlands?
“In the beginning, I was in culture shock. Everyone was so relaxed. Where I come from, it’s all about work. Life in the Netherlands is more peaceful, and personal daily life is more valued. Many things are organized in a practical way so that different kinds of people can live together, but in their own ways.”
In the beginning, I was often frustrated, and frequently bored without much entertainment and not much activity. It was difficult to blend into Dutch society. Until I joined Tricycle: Everyone is very unique and friendly here. I am enjoying the mixture of people from different cultures, stimulating each other and cooperating together.


Where do you see yourself in five years?
“Because this is my first international company, I first want to improve my English skills in the realm of business. And to grow more, experience more, achieve more within Tricycle-Europe. I want to keep on discovering new things. I’m incredibly motivated to keep on learning, discovering and creating something new. So plans for five years from now… no, I’ll just see what happens. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.’

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