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Once a month (almost) everybody who works at Tricycle comes together for a potluck lunch. For Tricycle this is rather unique, since we all have flexible work hours due to servicing clients in every time zone on the planet.

Even though working remotely and having flexible hours is an advantage that a lot of people at Tricycle enjoy, there’s nothing like coming together with colleagues, meeting face to face and have some fun while having lunch!

The potluck lunches started after the most recent trip to the U.S.A. where Jochem and Ivar joined a traditional potluck lunch at one of our partner’s offices.

So once a month we all come together for a very big potluck lunch. To celebrate all the different cultures of the Tricycle employees, we all prepare food from our home country. This always results in an interesting mix of herring and dim sum or bratwurst and waffles.



It’s a fun way to get to know all the different cultures at our company, there’s nothing like connecting over a great meal.

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