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The world is standing on the verge of a digital revolution and this digitalization is rapidly changing the way we do business. As the information gap between buyer and seller is closing, the buyer’s journey changes, calling for an entirely new approach to selling. Social Selling is a tactic designed to identify where the buyers stand and influence them earlier in the buying cycle. Sellers who have mastered this tactic are proven to have more business opportunities, more connections with business decision-makers and shorter closing times.

Marketing is also undergoing a transformation. Marketers are now finding themselves as agents of change, instituting social selling strategies for their teams and investing in it themselves. Why? Because the traditional sales funnel is changing. Marketers are now sliding down the funnel and sales is sliding up. They know that understanding the buyer is also essential in providing better sales support; It can be beneficial in shaping effective social media marketing approaches and strategies. Alignment between sales and marketing is more important than ever before. The goal: helping to find the sweet spot of the buyer’s journey and fill it with valuable content that resonates and moves them into the decision-making phase of their journey.

We have summed up some of the greatest insights to boost the effectiveness of social strategies and support sales teams.

People don’t want to deal with logo’s, they want to deal with people

So, invest time in your own professional brand, rather than your company page. Embody your company values and mission, and be your own company’s advocate. Let your people do the talking.   

Never ever lose your focus

Three years ago, a personal message and the occasional post was enough to create a connection. Nowadays, content curation and content creation are important departments within large companies. Knowledge on behaviour, optimal post times and listening to your target audience, might come naturally to sales managers, but therein lays the danger of overconfidence. The world is constantly changing, so never stop learning.  

Selling happens offline, not online

Don’t be scared of the word ‘selling’, because all Social Selling really is, is relationship building. The trick is to gain enough trust and credibility to move the conversation offline.  

Video content is the future

And it’s not hard to gain the advantage, because many other people simply won’t. Up the quality of your content by using tools like a live video stream, it’s an easy win.

Why should you be on social media


Strive for both quality and quantity

Deliver findable content and apply SEO, write content once a week and be authentic. Vary in the way you write your posts, start with a question or try and use hashtags. But most importantly; never create content without thinking it through. Sales managers often have trouble writing, so hiring a copywriter could be helpful. Keep in mind, however, that a copywriter might not be a strong seller, so always stay involved.

Be patient

People often look for immediate results, but building a bond takes time. You might be ready for your prospect but the prospect probably isn’t ready for you yet. If you are pushy and impatient, all you’re really doing is cold hard sales, and that scares people off. Remember that these relationships are fragile things too, you could spend years building one, and ruin it in a day.

Calling in itself isn’t ineffective, just make sure to warm up the conversation first

Establish a relationship with your prospect and search for an organic introduction. Maybe your prospect is connected to someone you know, or you share a similar interest? When you do get on the phone, steer clear of scripted sales-conversations. If you don’t, I can assure you that your prospect will lose interest quickly.

Your network is your net worth

I image that three years from now, your social network will be equally as important as your resume. Picture this; Bob and Sophie, both account managers, are applying for the same position. They both have over fifteen years of experience and have built up a significant network. The only difference: Sophie has connected digitally with all of them, proving her established connections, Bob has not. Who do you think, will be hired?

Don’t be like Bob, start investing in your network today.

Investing your time in social selling can make the difference and convert time into an opportunity. Isn’t it time you find out how social selling can work for your team? Read our 4-step guide to start leveraging Social Media for Sales teams

The 4-Step Guide to Start Social Selling

The 4-Step Guide to Start Social Selling