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In our effort of bringing our network the latest on what’s being updated on LinkedIn, we are excited to present you a new way of expressing yourself while you are doing your social listening: ”Reactions on LinkedIn”

Now, it is possible to further measure your engagement by analyzing qualitatively the impact of your social sharing. The question is: are you going to overlook this opportunity? Do not confuse this great advance with “we are ‘Facebooking’ the platform”. Start improving your social listening by considering the different reactions. How do you start using it?

  1. Tap and keep your finger on the traditional ´like button´.
  2. Then select the reaction you prefer without lifting your finger from the screen.


Every profile on LinkedIn belongs to a person and, as humans, we experience different feelings when we come across with new content, news, pictures, videos or any kind of content you can find on LinkedIn. Then, the explosion of diverse feelings comes up. You might consider it insightful, likeable, interesting or even virtually celebrate a professional achievement with your network. Therefore, the simple ‘like button’ becomes not sufficient to express yourself nor enough to measure the reaction on your content from your network. In its effort of exploring and fulfilling user’s needs, LinkedIn has released new functionality that allows to the member to more accurately express their feelings and thoughts:

Celebrate any accomplishment or achieved a milestone of your audience.

Love by supporting any cause that you can find across your network.

Insightful to acknowledge a good idea, article or any kind of content.

Curious to know more about the content you’ve just reacted from.

In business, a great percentage of closing the deal depends on soft skills.

The main outcome of applying soft skills in business is trust. Your target audience can trust you or someone else. In order for you to gain that trust, personally connecting with your targets by sharing same feelings, hobbies, sense of humour or having a high level of empathy are part of the soft skills that your prospect might consider important to build up the trust between each other, thus, getting closer to increase closed deals. How can we do that? This new feature enables you to get closer to that trust by virtually connecting better with your network.

This new update and much more are going to be reviewed by our social selling expert coaches during the Webinar Meet the Masters. Click here to freely join us and be a forerunner within the largest B2B social media platform, the platform where more than 600 Million users are present.