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What is your background?
I studied Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. After that I started exploring content marketing. I’ve worked at many different places before reaching this point: from a rental broker to a large fashion brand. Now I have become a content manager in the widest sense.


What’s been your biggest challenge?
Keeping up with the ever-changing media landscape is a challenge. As a content manager you have to stay up-to-date and be able to anticipate. Various tools and platform are constantly added or changed. The definition of PR nowadays is something different than it was 10 years ago. I enjoy learning more about these things.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
That’s a tough one. Look, I love my work, the variety that comes with online marketing. I hope to grow in the field of branding and become better and more successful.


What’s an average day at Tricycle-Europe?
Not a single day is standard; it’s all very sensitive to change. Besides the work that needs to be done, I sometimes have to quickly make a PowerPoint presentation. Or something more lighthearted, like a post on LinkedIn about a happy occurrence.


Aren’t short-term assignments like that very stressful?
No I love variation, so that’s no problem. No day is ever the same. This dynamic at Tricycle-Europe is a really good match with me.


Is there a large project going on right now?
Right now we are working on branding, corporate identity and a new website for Tricycle-Europe, so there are plenty of texts to be written. I do all this in conjunction with the social selling coaches and, because this is a very international team, you learn a lot from each other. Someone from a different culture may have an entirely different perspective on things than an “Amsterdamse” like myself. This way we learn and reach the best result for our international clients.


What’s the atmosphere like at the office?
Very good! What do you expect with such a young and enthusiastic team. Management plays a good part in that by regularly organizing fun events for the whole team. That keeps the mood fun and good. Getting to know each other on a boat trip is quite different than from behind a screen.